Ohio Continuing Education Course: 30-Hr. OH CE Package (with Ethics course)

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Ohio Continuing Education PACKAGE

Ohio CE:30-Hr. OH CE Package (with Ethics course)

30-Hr. OH CE Package (with Ethics course)

30.0 Total hours
21.0 Elective hours
9.0 Required hours


This complete package includes all 30 hours of CE (residential topics) required for Sales active license renewals.

Courses included in this package:

  • Complying with the Canon: Ohio Real Estate Licensee Ethics (3 required Ethics hours)*
  • Navigating Ohio Agency (3 required Ohio Law hours)
  • Sex and Real Estate: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Discrimination, and Fair Housing (3 required Civil Liberties hours)
  • Document Excellence for Smoother Transactions (3 elective hours)
  • Taxes and Real Estate: What You Need to Know (3 elective hours)
  • Residential Property Management Essentials (3 elective hours)
  • Affordable Housing: Solutions for Homes and Financing (3 elective hours)
  • First-Time Homebuyers: A Niche to Grow On (3 elective hours)
  • Hot Topics in Real Estate (3 elective hours)
  • Property Inspection Issues (3 elective hours)

*This course meets the National Association of REALTORS® Ethics requirement. You will need to confirm with your local REALTOR® association if they will accept it.